Candice Marie Beatty
Born September 23, 1981 Stoneham, MA
 My first dance education started at AV dance Studio ’81 at age 11 and continued till I was 19.  At that time I was also taking classes at AVC with Cindy Littlefield, Kathy Bingham & Kathleen Burrnet.  After AVC came Cal State Fullerton were I received a Bachelors of Art in Dance. 
My history with Dance Studio ’81 started at age 11 with a Jazz class with Miss Judy Ortiz.  A friend of mine told me about the studio and I asked my mom if I could go and I guess you could say the rest is history.  I immediately loved it.  One class turned into 2 classes which turned into taking anything my mom would let me take.  If I wasn’t at home I was at school if not at school I was at the studio.  After several years I was asked to become a teacher’s assistant, then I worked in the office, then I received my first class to teach on my own.  I went away to college (for 3 years) and as I was graduating I received an email from Lidia asking if I had any plans and if not would I like to come back and purchase the dance studio.  Well the rest is history.  I am on my 6th year of running the dance studio and LOVE every moment of it.
While I was away at college I worked for Disney.  I was a parade performer for 3 years down there.  I finished my last year there in the 50th Celebration Parade as the original Can-Can puppet in the Pinochio unit.  I was fortunate to dance on the Regis & Kelly show, dance in the special break out parade that they opened up only to the press and invited guest.  I was also in ads for Disney.  Disney is also where I met my husband Chris and it’s where he proposed to me right before a parade (a great story if you have time one day.)  No kids yet, just 2 dogs and that’s enough for now. 



Jennifer Monaco                                         
Jennifer was born in Santa Monica, California on December 23rd, 1986.   She is the 4th of 5 children, with 3 older brothers and one younger sister.  She comes from a dancing family as her mother and sister are also dancers. 
Jennifer began dancing at Studio '81 at the age of 4 and studied here until she graduated from Lancaster High School at age 18. She studied under Lidia Michael, Rhonda Gonzales, Lisa Willocks, Tracy Doyle and Tamisha Brown.  The different genres of study included Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Lyrical, and Hip Hop.
From junior high through high school, Jennifer competed on dance teams both with Studio ‘81 and the public schools.  She did Community Theater as a teen and was involved in 42nd Street, Singing in the Rain, and the Wizard of Oz.  Jennifer was an assistant choreographer for the production of Chicago and the lead choreographer for the production of The Full Monty.
Jennifer has an Associate of Arts Degree from Antelope Valley College and a Bachelor of Arts from California State University- Bakersfield.
At the age of 18, Jennifer began teaching Advanced Tap and Jazz at Studio ’81.  She taught at the Palmdale Playhouse for 2 years as the Jazz and Hip Hop Dance Director. Jennifer currently coaches a National Championship dance team at Quartz Hill High School.





Bettye Davis
Bettye was born in Austin, Texas on the 6th of September, 1937.   She is married to Jesse Davis.  Bettye is the mother of two beautiful daughters and one wonderful son. 
Bettye’s dance education began in high school in the Capezio Club.  She continued at the Shirley Peeler School of Dance.  Bettye enrolled here at A.V. Dance Studio ’81 in 1981, and has continued her dance training here to the present date.  
In 1987, Bettye taught her first class at A.V. Dance Studio ’81.  Bettye has taught classes in Tap, Ballet, Jazz and Polynesian.
As a Department of Defense Employee, Bettye received numerous awards throughout her 30 year career. Bettye has performed in many Community Theatre performances and received a Shining Star Award in 2001. Bettye was also a regular performer with Priscella’s Polynesian  Dancers.



Darla Coddington
Darla, who celebrates her birthday on February 17th, started dancing at the age of 6. Her first dance teacher was Vicki Senseman , who taught for the City of Lancaster.
At the age of 10,  Darla enrolled at Caravan School of Dance (which was to become A.V. Dance Studio ’81).   In High School, she and her good friend Tina Landon, were on the A.V. Dancer’s dance team from1979-1981. Both girls continued to dance together at Antelope Valley College from 1981- 1983. 
Darla traded in her dancing to become an aerobics instructor. She returned to the studio in 1995 to enroll her young daughter, Brooke.  Darla began taking dance again herself and within a few years began teaching Jazz and Lyrical at A.V. Dance studio ’81. 
Darla has been married to Rex Coddington since 1987.  They have 2 children, Brooke and Nolan. 
Outside of the dance studio, Darla is a deputy Probation Officer with Los Angeles County, where s he has worked for twenty years. 


Barbara Coates
Barbara, who celebrates her birthday on November 15th, began her dance studies at the age of six in a town called Little Silver, New Jersey. Barbara shares her memories:
            “My teacher wore a stiff tutu and carried a long pointer.  There                                                   was a gallery where the parents sat to watch the class. If you didn’t point your toes, the teacher would zap you on your foot with her                                    pointer!  It didn’t take too many of those “zaps” to remember to point                  your toes.  How times have changed!”
Barbara has always loved to dance, but admits she is not much of a sports person.  She recalls that while playing dodge ball, she was usually not hit by the ball, but instead would run into it!  So, after her two sons grew past their years of sports, Barbara enrolled in dance class for exercise…and the rest is history!
In addition to dance, Barbara also has a passion for Theatre.  She works mainly with Cedar Street Theatre, as both a director and actress. Barbara recently won a Shining Star award for her directing skills in the play “Doubt”. Barbara enjoys watching and performing musicals, and loves to go to the theatre.
Barbara’s other interests include gardening, decorating and shopping. Barbara claims to be a world class shopper and can have fun in any store; grocery, hardware, clothing…you name it!



Lidia Landon Michael
 Lidia was born to John and Lidia Landon on April 24, 1957.  She has one brother, John, and one sister, Tina.
Lidia’s early training was under Joyce Pearson, who was the owner of Caravan School of Dance in Lancaster (The future A.V Dance Studio ’81).  During her teen years, Lidia was an assistant instructor at Caravan. Lidia also studied under many famous L.A. teachers, including Joe Tremaine and Roland Dupree’.  Lidia has taught at several dance camps and conventions as well as at Antelope Valley College.
 Lidia is a graduate of Antelope Valley College and of Cal State University in Fullerton.  She received a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre with a concentration in Dance.  After graduation, Lidia bought Caravan School of Dance and became partners with her good friend, Cyndi Lund Gallegos.  The new ownership took place in 1981, hence the name “A.V. Dance Studio ‘81”. 
Lidia has performed in and choreographed many local theatre productions, including Cabaret, A Chorus Line, Kiss Me Kate, The Boyfriend, Cinderella, Can Can and Oliver. She was a featured dancer in the Movie “UFORIA” and a two time winner on the Original TV series “The Gong Show”.
 1981 was also special in another way for Lidia.  That is when she married her sweetheart, Greg Michael.  Greg and Lidia have been blest with six beautiful children.  It was after the birth of child #6 that Lidia finally realized God was calling her to be a full time Mommy and only a part time dancer.   So, in 2005 Lidia sold A.V. Dance Studio ’81 to her student and friend, Candice Douglas.
Currently, Lidia fills her days with “Mommy” duties and is very involved in religious education at her church, Blessed Junipero Serra Parish.  However, she still finds time to teach a few dance classes here at the studio, and truly enjoys her time with her students.



Sonja Beck
Sonja was born on July 4, 1961 in Torrance, CA.
Sonja started ballet training at age 8 at The Dance Workshop in Lancaster.  In high school Sonja enrolled at Caravan Dance Studio taking jazz and ballet.  That studio went on to become AV Dance Studio ’81 where Sonja continued classes.  Sonja attended AV High School and dance classes were a part of her physical education department.  Sonja was a founding member of the AVHS Dance Team and also attended dance camps throughout high school. Sonja taught dance and drill camps for the United Spirit Association for 4 years, served as director for the AVHS Dance Team for 2 years and went on to become a dance team adjudicator for over 25 years. Sonja has also dabbled in tap and ballroom dance over the years. Her dance education continues with every class she takes, dance show she watches and students she teaches.
Sonja has been an instructor at Studio ’81 for over 20 years.  She has taught ballet, jazz, sacred, lyrical and yoga. Her passion has been lyrical as it allows her an outlet for creative choreography. 
 Sonja has been married to my loving husband Bret for 30 years.  They have 2 grown and married sons. Her and Bret were blessed with their first granddaughter this year and are expecting a grandson in 2011.  These are her proudest accomplishments.


Sarah Tyndall
Sarah was born in Lancaster, CA
 Sarah started taking dance class when she was three years old. Around the age of 8 or 9 she found that ballet was the type of dance that she was truly passionate about. To Sarah tap and jazz wasn’t as exciting anymore, so she decided to take all the ballet classes she could and eventually made it on to pointe. When Sarah left for college, she decided that ballet was something that she would have to continue, it was part of her soul.  She danced under the direction of Pamela McCray and Shanda Hanson with the Staunton Academy of Ballet.
 AV Dance Studio ’81 was where Sarah took her first dance class. With the exception SAB and Masters class, it is the only studio she has danced with. Her first class was combo with Trina St.Pierre and Lidia Landon Michael then she moved to Rhonda Gonzales’ combo and finally solely ballet with Barbara Coates and then Sue Becker. After many, many years and hours of hard work a dedication she was strong enough to go on pointe. Sarah is now teaching ballet classes and every single time it seems so surreal to teach at the studio where she grew up!  
 Sarah’s sister, Hannah, also danced with the studio and is currently attending UC Davis. Sarah earned a B.A. in communications with a minor in graphic design from Mary Baldwin College in Virginia. She is currently working in the political field with the long term goal of moving back to the East Coast to work in Washington, DC.


Holly Pardue

Holly was born on July 17, in Tokyo Japan.

Holly’s dance experience first started at Caravan School of Dance in 1975-1981 with Joyce Pearson.  In 1981-1985 was at AV Dance Studio ’81 with Lidia Landon Michael and Cindy Lund.  Moved over to Dance Magic in 1985-1990 with her mother Bonnie Pardue and was taught by John Gaylord and J.I. Williams.  Her training has continued with the following: AVC 1987-1990 Kathy Bingham, Dupree Michael Rooney, Tremaine Doug Caldwell & Jackie Sleight, Debbie Reynold’s Studio Alex Magro & Thommie Retter.

Holly’s history with AV Dance Studio ’81 started at age 6 with classes taught by Lidia Landon Michael, her first teacher.  She studied with Lidia for many years and received great training.  When she was 13 or 14 she started to assist Lidia’s classes and also Barbara Coates’ classes.  Now, 25 years later Holly has come full circle and she’s back at AV Dance Studio ’81.  She’s even an assistant for Lidia and Barbara again.

Holly has a wonderful 7 year old daughter named Zoe Simone.  Zoe also dances at Studio ’81.  Both Holly and Zoe would like to express just how thankful and happy they are to be dancing at Studio ’81.  Holly says, “Thanks for welcoming us and for giving us a new dance home!”